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Aug 2023

The home and away season is done and dusted, but the 2023 season is not quite done! See below for a few events coming up over the next few weeks:



Well done on your season and hope you had a ball with Cory running the show this year! Two exciting opportunities below for those interested in extension programs:



  • U8,9,10 Lightning Premiership Sat 19th Aug (see events tab for details)

  • U8,9,10 Presentation Night Fri 11th Aug (see events tab for details)

  • U12,13,15 Finals! Kick off this Sunday – good luck to all and might there be a grand finalist team and winner in the mix?!

  • U12,13,15 Presentation Night Fri Sept 1st (see events tab for details)

  • FDJFL Awards – League awards night next Monday. Congrats to those Redbacks (Oscar U12 and Cooper U13, anyone else? Parents may be notified directly before we are!), plus honorary Redback Soren who have all been called out based on home and away season player stats and umpire votes at the Frankston District Junior Footy League level. Exact awards are TBC.

  • St Kilda Next Gen Academy – Development program for AFL pathways. Congrats to the three Redbacks who participated this year and looking forward to some new faces joining you from our club in the pre-season.



Each year we run this after the presentation nights, and this year will be the same. We’ll run a super quick AGM after the U8,9,10 preso night and again after the U12,13,15. A few highlights of what the club has done this year, as well as how to get involved with feedback and as a committee member. The club doesn’t run without help from the community, so please hang around for a few minutes after your child’s end of year preso (we promise it won’t drag on, we all have places to be too!!)




On another topic, for those looking for a summer sport, the registrations for junior cricket are now open (link below). For those unaware, the Mordialloc Redbacks also have a junior cricket club (also called the Redbacks ☺️) and is keen to get registrations locked in asap so that teams can be formed.  (The senior cricket team is called the Bloodhounds).


Here is a guide for which ages and programs are recommended:



Recommended for children aged 9 and above - more info and rego link



Recommended for children aged 7 to 9 - more info



Recommended for children aged 4 to 7 - more info


Any questions, please sing out. You can also contact George Chilianis or Kev Simons (also Redbacks footy dads ☺️)

March 2023

We're very excited to be welcoming back all our wonderful families and players for the 2023 season. We also extend a warm welcome to all new families joining the Redbacks for the first time in 2023. We cannot wait to see everyone, new and returning. Please find below all the information you may need to get you started for 2023. 


A big thank you to all families who have registered for 2023 already. For those that haven’t, please head to and follow the link to register  Please feel free to forward these details also to any prospective players/families who may be interested.

 Staying up to date 

Mordialloc Redbacks JFC uses TeamApp, which is available on your smartphone and also via a web browser. TeamApp is widely used among sporting clubs, and it is 100% FREE to join.  It will keep you updated with all the latest news, events, schedules and much more.

To get the full features of this app please go to the App Store or Google Play and download Stack Team App onto your mobile device, then follow these simple steps:

1. Sign-up to Stack Team App. You'll be sent an e-mail to activate your account.
2. Log-in and search for Mordialloc Redbacks JFC, then request to become a member.

If you don't have a smartphone, have any issues, or would prefer to receive e-mail correspondence, please reply to this e-mail with a request to be added manually. Families from the 2022 season have already been added to the appropriate team groups for 2023, so no action is required for 2022 users/players.


All club communications moving forward will be via TeamApp.


You can also follow us also on social media for additional updates

 Uniforms & Merchandise 

All players will be provided with a playing guernsey, and new registrants will receive a bag and a pair of socks. Shorts and any replacement items must be purchased from the club, via your team manager. An array of other merchandise can be purchased from the club. Details about when and how to purchase will be available on TeamApp ahead of the season starting.

 Playing Equipment 

All players must have their own footy boots and a mouthguard must be worn to take the field and participate in games and contact drills at training. Players are required to have correct uniform for all games, your team manager will assist with organising this with you in due course.

 Training & Season Dates 

Some of our older teams have commenced some light pre-season training. Don’t worry if you haven’t been informed about training yet or have been unable to make it to any sessions due to summer or other commitments. Official training for the 2023 season will commence in the next few weeks and details will be communicated on TeamApp via coaches or team managers shortly. To ensure you are up to date and know when training is starting, please register for Team App ASAP. A calendar of the season is attached, outlining dates for season commencement, breaks and finals.

 Additional Info 

For all our families, the club has created an induction pack to assist with navigating the season, our club, volunteers and committee and game-day roles. You are encouraged to read this information, as it will help the club significantly if we all have a common understanding. 


If you have an interest in assisting your child’s team, or the club with any of the roles outlined in the induction pack, please contact your coach, team manager, or reply to this email. We would love to have as many people involved as we can.


Of course, if you need to discuss any part of your child's registration or have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Your committee is here to help in any way possible! 


Go Redbacks!


December 2022 

 New Club Committee 

In recent weeks a new Committee has evolved, on the back of running our AGM at our end of season presentation night.  Some existing faces, plus some new, all in pursuit of creating a purposeful and passionate environment with a sense of belonging for players and families.


 Director of Coaching commences! 

Paul Polgar - Director of Coaching MRJFC

Upon collecting feedback during the '22 season, we developed an ambition to focus on club marketing, attracting and retaining players. We've embarked on finding the right skills and people to help us get there, given the fit is critical. So, we extend a huge welcome to both Paul Polgar and Mike Goldsmith to our club. 

Paul has an extensive background in footy, both playing at the highest levels and moving on to coaching five years ago. He has a second-to-none passion for developing young talent, is a strong role model and leader, and is the first out there on the field doing the work with the players and connecting with coaches and families.

Mike joins us with extensive experience setting up teams at Inter-league level cross divisions, genders and ages, implementation of start-up mental health programs within kids' sport, and has solid experience with setting up of strategic programs that meet an overall club vision. Both Paul and Mike work in partnership to uplift coaching capability, as well as nurturing and extending key talent in players, to provide a fun and inclusive program for all. 

Paul Polgar

Director of Coaching


Mike Goldsmith 

Coaching Advisory


Mike Goldsmith

 Summer Sessions 

Another area families asked us to look into was keeping players and teams connected in between seasons. We've created 3x fun 'summer sessions' with a number of games to keep the kids in contact during this time. It's run by the club with the 2023 Coaches and Director of Coaching, with parent help. Session 1 was Oct 18th (and a huge success!), Session 2 is Nov 15th, and Session 3 is Dec 13th. More info is under the events calendar on the home page.

 Open Day 

Save the date - Sunday November 20th @ 12noon-3pm - we're running an Open Day! It'll be an afternoon of fun, skills, drills, bbq, merch stand, and registering for the 2023 season. More info here or in the events calendar on the home page.


Some of our Under 13 (2023) players have been invited to try out for the prestigious Inter-League which is a metropolitan league for the best-available players from junior competitions. The development program for our league is run by St Kilda Football Club's Academy. The ultimate goal is to create talented player pathways to VFL/AFL, with many of the best AFL players past and present coming through this funnel. Good luck kids - our club is honoured to have you playing with us and wish you the best of luck in your trials!

 Staying in touch 

You can read more in our newly created induction pack, follow us on social media, and for existing families you can catch the latest on the Stack Team app. Our website home page also has the latest events published as they arise.

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